2016 Commencement - Thursday, May 12th

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2016 Commencement

Student with diploma

Indiana University Northwest will host its 50th Annual Commencement on Thursday, May 12th beginning at 4 p.m. at the Genesis Center, located at 5th Avenue and Broadway in Gary.

All degree candidates who wish to participate in Commencement must apply to graduate by contacting their academic units.

Graduates will be robed in custom-made black rental gowns. Undergraduates will be able to keep the crimson satin “stole of remembrance” that is worn over the gown, as well as the cap and tassel.

Order Your Gowns Now!

IU Northwest will recognize those in active duty, National Guard, as well as reserves and veterans of the United States Armed Services. Service personnel, who represent the Army, Navy, Marines, and Air Force, are entitled to wear a twisted cord of red, white and blue. ROTC graduates who will commission on or immediately after graduation are also eligible.  Armed Service Cords may be worn only by the individual in service; relatives, friends and beneficiaries are not eligible.

Graduates should arrive at the Genesis Center at least 90 minutes (2:30 p.m. CST) before the ceremony begins and be ready to assemble by 3 p.m. Gowns must be returned immediately following the ceremony at the Genesis Center. The ceremony is expected to last about two hours.

Tickets are not required for family members and friends to attend Commencement.

Parking details

IU Northwest graduates and their guests are invited to park at one of the free locations listed below. The university will provide its RedHawk Shuttle service to and from the Genesis Center with stops at or near most of the following locations:

•      Massachusetts Street (North): Located off of 5th Avenue at Massachusetts Street on the west side of the street.

•      Hudson Campbell: Located off of 5th Avenue at Massachusetts Street on the east side of the street.

•      Virginia Street (North): Located at the corner of 4th Avenue and Virginia Street on the east side of the street.

•      Virginia Street (South): Located at the corner of 5th Avenue and Virginia Street directly across from Hellman’s Tire Service.

•      Carolina Street (North): Located off of either 4th Avenue or 5th Avenue at Carolina Street.

•      Carolina Street (South): Located off of 5th Avenue and Carolina Street.

For convenience, the IU Northwest RedHawk Shuttle will provide free transportation to and from the Genesis Center at the following locations:

•    At Virginia Street northbound, south of 5th Avenue.

•    At Virginia Street northbound, south of 4th Avenue.

The RedHawk Shuttle will drop off/pick-up directly in front of the Genesis Center. The shuttle will operate from 2 p.m. until 4 p.m., and will resume 15 minutes following the closing of Commencement and run for one hour. There will be two shuttles making rounds every five to 10 minutes.

Designated free parking areas and RedHawk Shuttle location pick-up/drop-off locations will be marked with signage.

The Gary Police Department will be on hand to assist with traffic control.

For more information on this year's graduation program, please refer to "Commencement 2016 - Need to Know"