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Academic Travel Policy - College of Arts and Science, Indiana University Northwest

Revised February 2014

The College of Arts and Sciences will help with travel costs associated with academic research for all full time faculty and lecturers.  The travel policy is delineated below:

  1. All faculty with a research expectation are eligible to receive travel expenses once per fiscal year according to the following schedule:

    • Conference and/or poster presentation: maximum $800
    • Member of a panel only: maximum $400
    • Conference attendance only.
  2. Although Lecturers do not normally have a research expectation, travel costs to conferences can be considered at a maximum of $200.
  3. Submission process: Submit your request for travel expenses via email to the COAS Business Manager*. The email should contain the following information,
    • name, date and location of the conference
    • nature of participation in the conference
    • title of talk (if applicable)
    • itemized list of expenses covered by COAS

  1. The COAS Business Manager will contact you with approval or disapproval of your request.
  2. If approved your department secretary should submit a travel request to COAS as well as make arrangements for flights, hotel bookings etc. if needed.

* If the Business Manager is not available send the information above to and contact N. De Leon that you have done so.