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Policy on Secretarial Attendance, Absence, and Contact Procedure

Revised 1/17/2013

This policy applies to nonexempt secretarial staff employed in the College of Arts and Sciences.

A primary principle guiding all staffing questions, decisions, and assignments considers the needs of our students. Secretarial staff should be available to meet the needs of our students at times when they are most in need of services. As a result, the College does not support routine “alternative” schedules. One time or short term needs for adjusted schedules are possible to meet the needs of either Departments or employees. Friday bears specific mention. We have a substantial and growing population of students who attend day time classes on Friday. Further, there are periods of the academic year (such as peak registration times and the beginning and end of a semester) in which secretarial staff should be present.

As part of the contractual obligation, all secretarial staff are expected to work a standard 40 hour work week (typical schedule is 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM with an hour lunch period). There must, of course, be some flexibility in the schedule.  For example, employees are susceptible to illness and other unforeseen situations. However, because of the workloads of the units, it is important for employees to notify the unit of both expected and unexpected absences.

In the case of Predictable Absences (such as vacations and personal time), the employee should contact the Department Chair well in advance of the absence. Every attempt should be made to accommodate the absence and of any important work responsibilities. When scheduled, the secretary to the Dean should be informed.

In the case of Unpredictable Absences (such as an illness), the employee should contact the Department Chair and the secretary to the Dean as soon as possible and no later than the start of the work day.

In the case of Long-Term Absences (such as illness or court service), the employee should inform the Department Chair and the secretary to the Dean. In addition, the employee should contact  Campus Human Resources to determine eligibility for Family Medical Leave.

Excessive absences will be reflected in the permanent record. They could be noted in the Performance Management Review and could be used to inform personnel decisions.