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Instructor Responsibility Policy - College of Arts and Science, Indiana University Northwest

Revised Fall 2014

The following responsibilities for instructors were passed by the Chairs Council. They are instended as basic responsibilities of instructors in their classes.

  • Create and distribute a syllabus for all classes and to all students.
  • File syllabi with departmental secretaries.
  • You may request an administrative withdrawal for students who do not attend the first week or who attend fewer than half the classes or who do not complete tests, quizzes, or assignments during the first four weeks of the semester. (This is kinder than assigning an F, an FN, or an FNN at the end of the semester.)
  • Interact with FLAGS. You can indicate poor academic performance at any time during the semester. This is especially important with 100 and 200 level courses.
  • Interact with FLAGS. You must indicate attendance during week 5. This is our roster verification system.
  • Post and hold office hours on campus and encourage students to make use of them. The expected amount is normally equal the number of credit hours being taught by the faculty member each week, with a minimum of six hours per week. Faculty who teach on-line must still maintain on-campus office hours.
  • File your office hours with the departmental secretaries.
  • Make every effort to attend every class. Please notify the Chair, the Secretary, and the Registrar of any anticipated or unanticipated absences. The Absence and Attendance Policy is posted on the COAS site.
  • All email interactions with students should occur through the faculty and student IU email, ONCOURSE, or Canvas.
  • Faculty should make use of the university provided course management systems. Currently, these are ONCOURSE and Canvas.
  • Do not give examinations during the final week of the semester. Finals week is the appropriate time for that.
  • Please, only give final exams during your scheduled time during finals week.
  • Assign grades on time for every student in every class. Grades are due shortly after the close of finals week. Assign grades of FN and FNN to students who failed because of failure to attend and never attending.