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B.S. in Computer Information Systems


  • Complete a minimum of 120 credit hours.
  • Students need a total of 36 credit hours in 300 and 400 level courses.
  • Courses taken to cover deficiencies do not count toward graduation.

Distribution requirements:

Group I: English Composition, Communication, and Mathematics.

  • English: W131 Elementary Composition and Speech S121 (6 cr.).
  • Mathematics: M118 or M119 and K300 (Psychology)  (6 cr.).

Group II: Intensive Writing (6 cr.).

  • English W231 and Upper level CIS or Informatics course designated as intensive writing.

Group III: Distribution

  • IIIA: Physical and Life Sciences. 4-6 credits. 
    For CIS majors, one course non-CIS science course fulfills this obligation, but that course needs to have a lab. See bulletin for complete list of courses.
  • IIIB: Social and Behavioral Sciences.
    Students must take at least two courses and they must be in separate disciplines. See bulletin for complete list of courses.
  • IIIC: Humanities.
  • IIIB/C:Course distribution between Groups III-B and III-C must total 18 credit hours.

Group IV: Culture Studies.

  • May be satisfied by successful completion of one course in the cultures of minorities in the United States, Latin America or Non-Western cultures. Such a course may be counted toward graduation in both categories Group III C Humanities and Group IV.

Group V: Requirements for the Major - Computer Information Systems Core (45 cr.)

  • C106, D150, A106, A285, (A201 and A302) or (A210 and A346) or (C201 and C307) or (C203 and C320), A247, (C445 and C446) or (D330 and D446), D345, D350 the capstone requirement of  at least one credit hour of COAS W398 or CSCI Y398 or C390, and appropriate elective hours to complete a minimum of 45 credits. Credit not given for both COAS W398 and CSCI Y398 in excess of 6 credit hours. No more than 6 credit hours may be taken in C390. The exact number of credits awarded to each internship will be determined according to the perceived learning opportunities offered.

Group VI: Minor 

  • Students must select a minor in any area. General Business is recommended. For students seeking the General Business minor, it is recommended that they take Econ E103 and E104 in the Social Sciences Group III B core requirements.

Group VII: Electives and Internship

  • Each student will be required to gain sufficient elective or internship credit to meet the minimum 120 credit hour requirement. A maximum of 6 credit hours may be awarded for successful completion of an internship.

5. Students must complete a minimum of 105 credits hours in the College of Arts and Sciences.

For more information, visit the Computer Information Systems page on the IU Northwest Bulletin.