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iun cis

Computer Information Systems - Bachelor of Science

Required courses:

  • Introduction to Computing
  • Computers and Their Uses
  • Network Technologies and Administration
  • Introduction to Programming Logic
  • Systems Analysis (two semesters)
  • Project Management
  • Database Management Systems
  • Data Mining
  • Two semesters of a programming language


  • Web Development
  • Networking Technologies and Security
  • Independent Programming Lab
  • Internship (availability of internships depends on the current needs of the job market)

Computer Information Systems/Fine Arts - Bachelor of Science

Required Courses:

  • Introduction to Computing
  • Introduction to Digital Imagine Applications
  • Mastering the World Wide Web (Web Design)
  • Individual Programming Laboratory (six credits)
  • An Introduction to Web Programming
  • Multimedia
  • Current Directions in Data Processing and Information Systems

Additional Coursework:

  • Fundamental Studio - Drawing
  • History of Art
  • Art History (300- or 400-level)
  • Introduction to Design Practice
  • Graphic Design II
  • Production for Graphic Design
  • Graphic Design IV
  • Independent Studio Projects
  • Typography
  • Layout
  • Package Design
  • Art Theory
  • Independent Study in Fine Arts

Students should consult with the department for additional information concerning prerequisites, course content, and academic counseling.