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The College of Health and Human Services, in collaboration with other schools and departments, offers courses leading to an interdisciplinary minor in Urban Public Health. This minor leads to a broad understanding of public health principles and their application in an urban context; exposure to issues such as environmental health and justice, public health preparedness, and healthcare structures and policy; as well as an understanding of the urban community in general. Students will be introduced to the roles and functions of public health science and practice.

Requirements (15 cr. hr.)

  • PBHL P201 Introduction to Public Health in the Urban Environment (3 cr.)
  • SPEA H322 Principles of Epidemiology (3 cr.)
  • AFRO A206 The Urban Community (3 cr.)
  • and 2 additional courses (6 credit hours) selected in consultation with a departmental advisor

For more information, contact Dr. Linda Delunas, Associate Dean in the College of Health and Human Services at