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iun chemistry

Chemistry, Biochemistry, Physics, and Astronomy Department Degrees And Programs

Degrees & Programs

A Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science in a Chemistry or Biochemistry degree provides students with a rigorous background in the study of chemical and physical sciences.  The degree will prepare them for science-related jobs requiring a bachelor's degree as well as graduate and professional school. The requirement of physics, mathematics, and biology maximizes the students’ future opportunities and provides a comprehensive foundation in fundamental chemistry and the physical sciences.

Students who major in chemistry or biochemistry can concentrate their study in:

  • Pre-professional study
  • Medicine
  • Environmental Science
  • Organic/Inorganic/Physical/Environmental/Biochemistry

Degree Requirements

Completion of a Bachelor of Arts of Bachelor of Science in Chemistry requires a total of 120 credit hours, including 29-36 hours of chemistry courses and labs for the Bachelor of Arts degree and 34-46 for the Bachelor of Science degree.  A minimum of 2.0 grade point average is required for both degrees. 

Completion of a minor in physics requires 16 credit hours of physics.  The physics minor can take one of two tracks; a calculus based track or an algebra based track. The student should consult the department for more detailed information.