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Picture of the chancellor at the commencement

About the IU Northwest Council


The IU Northwest Council will serve the campus by functioning as the central governance body for the discussion of significant issues facing the campus, including campus strategic planning and enrollment management. The Council will develop recommended courses of action regarding those issues and will provide these recommendations to the Chancellor who will make final decisions in consultation with the Vice Chancellors, the Chief Information Officer, and the Chief Campus Financial Officer. The members of the Council will work to ensure that significant issues among campus constituencies are brought to the Council for discussion. It is also the responsibility of Council members to make every effort to ensure that the discussions and actions of the Council are communicated to the campus constituencies that they represent.


The Council will be comprised of the Chancellor’s direct reports as well as Academic Deans, selected Academic Affairs representatives, Faculty Organization, Professional staff, Clerical and Technical Staff, Police Officers, Service Staff, and Student Government representatives.

Meeting Schedule 

The Council will meet monthly on Tuesday.


The Council meetings will be chaired by the Chancellor (the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs will chair in the Chancellor’s absence). The agenda for each meeting will be set by the end of business on the Thursday before each meeting and will be distributed via Box. Any member of the Council may propose items for inclusion on the agenda.