Picture of the chancellor at the commencement
  • Purpose

    IU Northwest Board of Advisors Purpose

    Our purpose as the Indiana University Northwest Board of Advisors is to be an active conduit for the sharing of IU Northwest information to the Northwest Indiana community and from the community back to IU Northwest, to help the campus to provide programs and services that support academic success for the region’s diverse student population.  As representatives of the Northwest Indiana community, we will accomplish this by actively participating and collaborating with the leadership at Indiana University Northwest, to develop strategies that mutually benefit the community and the campus.

  • Responsibilities


    As indicated in the resolution passed by the Indiana University Board of Trustees on January 21, 1972, the general purpose of each Board of Advisors is to assist the President and the Board of Trustees of Indiana University in responding most effectively to the educational needs of the various regions of the State.  These boards will provide valuable insights, information, and advice which will enable the University to become more sensitive to the changing needs of these communities and to react promptly to recommendations that develop from the consistent, periodic reviews of local programs and operations.

    Specifically, the Board of Advisors of each campus will:

    1. Receive information from the Chancellor about enrollment, about major changes in administrative personnel or in organization, new degree programs approved, public relations problems, or about other items which the Chancellor may desire to present as information or for which he may seek advice.
    2. Advise the Chancellor concerning programs and education activities that are appropriate to the mission of the campus as it relates to:
      • (a) the geo-political area served by that campus and
      • (b) the plans of the Indiana Commission for Higher Education
    3. Discuss, evaluate, and make recommendations about program and mission effectiveness in relationship to the changing needs of the region being served.
    4. Advise the Regional Campus Chancellor and the representative trustees of Indiana University about major policies or action items they may wish to present to the Advisory Board that could affect the academic or physical development of the campus.
    5. Insure, through the presence of the member of the Board of Trustees, input into that policy-making body of Indiana University.

    Additionally, based on IU Northwest’s fiscal year of July 1 through June 30 each year, Advisory Board members should contribute financially to IU Northwest on an annual basis at a level commensurate with individual ability and assist in the identification, solicitation, and /or stewardship of gifts from individuals, foundations, and corporations, as appropriate.  By June 30th, obtain a monetary contribution to IU Northwest from 100% of Board. 

  • Membership


    As indicated in the resolution passed by the Indiana University Board of Trustees on January 21, 1972, the Board of Advisors will consist of twenty-five (25) members including one (1) member of the Indiana University Board of Trustees; one (1) member of the Foundation Board of Directors, the president of the regional campus Alumni Association, and the regional campus Chancellor.

    1. The Chancellor will recommend the citizen and community leaders for appointment to the Board by the President of the University.
    2. Nominations for replacements will be accepted by the Chancellor from the Board of Advisors.
    3. The Board members will serve staggered three-year terms.  Elected officials among the appointees, however, will serve terms concurrent with their terms in office.
    4. Members will be eligible for reappointment to one three-year term; otherwise members will not succeed themselves.