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iun career services

The Office of Career Services internship program is designed to provide students with work experience that complement their classroom preparation; by learning how to link theory to practice, explore career options, gain knowledge of the workplace, and contribute to the community.

If you have question or concerns or would like more information, please call Career Services at 980-6650.

  • An internship is a planned learning experience, in which a student spends time in the workplace under the supervision of workplace personnel, "learning by doing". Interns take the knowledge and skills learned in the class room and apply them in real-life work situations, learning from professionals while they explore and experience career options.

  • Benefits of an Internship for Students

    Internships can:

    • Help you learn about a career field from the inside
    • Help you decide if this is the right career field for you
    • Enable you to work alongside a professional in your chosen career area
    • Give you new skills and add to your knowledge base
    • Give you confidence in your own abilities
    • Let you apply some of the ideas you've learned in school
    • Give you the opportunity to practice your communication and teamwork skills
    • Allow you to meet new people and practice your networking skills
    • Provide evidence that you have initiative, are reliable and have a sense of responsibility
    • Provide a bridge between school and the professional world
    • Make a valuable addition to your resume
    • Enhance your application to Graduate School
    • Open the door to a job offer or a recommendation about the next steps you should take on your career path
    • Internships can also be fun.
  • What are the benefits for an Employer hosting an intern?

    Companies and organizations that host internships can benefit from the opportunity to meet enthusiastic and committed students who will be looking for employment when they graduate. Interns can bring a fresh approach to a setting, and can provide the skills and labor for a special project. They can also give permanent staff the satisfying opportunity to pass on their knowledge and expertise to the next generation of workers, and to practice their supervision skills.

  • Please contact the Office of Career Services for more information at
    (219) 980-6650 and to schedule an “Internship Orientation” appointment.