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Campus Assessment of Student Learning Outcomes

Campus Assessment of Student Learning Outcomes


Campus Assessment of Student Learning Outcomes

Welcome to the Campus Assessment of Student Learning Outcomes website.

IU Northwest’s Strategic Plan begins with a commitment to excellence in academics measured in part through the assessment of the student learning outcomes the campus has identified:  lifelong learning, ethical practices, developing successful careers, and effective citizenship.  These four Outcomes require recurring data-driven decision making that provides one of the stages in our assessment loop.

This website is part of our new centralized assessment system that organizes descriptive analysis of current practices and policies, collects current data from divisions, develops and implements direct and indirect measures of student learning outcomes, and analyzes the data for these outcomes.  Student learning outcome assessment is a priority at IU Northwest, and a centralized assessment structure will provide consistent and deep assessment as well as consistent policies and practices related to assessment.

The academic units at IU Northwest have developed and implemented various assessments of student learning outcomes.  The plans, as well as the data collected by those units, is available here.  The assessment plan and data developed for our new General Education Learning Goals and relevant institutional plans, policies and data are available as well.