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Northwest Indiana Economic Data

The School of Business and Economics at Indiana University Northwest regularly publishes two data series that track the economy of Northwest Indiana.

Northwest Indiana Coincident Index

The Northwest Indiana Coincident Index (or "Economic Index") tracks the health of the regional economy and provides a forecast for growth over the next six months. The coincident index is released monthly and based on methodology similar to state and national coincident indices released by the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia.

Northwest Indiana Imputed Gross Metropolitan Product (GMP)

Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is commonly used to measure the size of the national economy and track growth. Imputed Gross Metropolitan Product is a regional version of state and national GDP measures that can be used to compare output, sales and income of the region with the state and nation. Imputed GMP for Northwest Indiana is released quarterly and includes nominal GMP, real GMP and real GMP per capita.