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Monetizing, Managing and Measuring Information as an Asset

Doug Laney

Vice President and Distinguished Analyst, Gartner

douglas-laneyA pioneer in the field of data warehousing, who originated the field of infonomics — short for information economics. An experienced IT industry thought leader, he has led analytics and information-management-related projects on five continents and in most industries, as well as business analytics consulting and marketing practices for several software companies. In addition, he launched Meta Group's Enterprise Analytics Strategies research and advisory service, and established and co-led the Deloitte Analytics Institute.

At Gartner he covers data strategy, infonomics, information innovation, big data and analytics use cases, data monetization, open and syndicated data, and the roles/organizational structures for data management and analytics teams. He also is a frequent guest-lecturer at leading business schools on information asset management and valuation.