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Several general mandatory fees are assessed to IU Northwest students. 

(Please note that adding classes may cause increases in assessments for those fees that are driven by the number of credit hours in which you are enrolled. This is often mistaken for duplicate charges.)

Student Activity Fee

  1. Technology Fee
  2. Repair Rehabilitation Fee

Often these fees are mistaken for other course-related fees. These mandatory fees, however, are not optional and must be paid by all students to whom they are assessed. 

All students enrolled at IU Northwest are assessed a student activity fee to cover the cost of being part of an academic community.  Activity fees collected at the Northwest campus are used to fund Student Activities for our students. It is not assumed that all students will use or partake of the benefits and privileges of participating in this community equally, but there is equal opportunity for access. It is our belief that learning occurs out of the classroom as well as in it, and there is overwhelming evidence based on research to demonstrate that student learning is enhanced by student participation in activities which complement classroom involvement. For this reason, we make out-of-class activities a part of the learning experience and a part of the cost structure. The activities fees cover publications, intercollegiate athletics, student activities (covering a wide range of events arranged by students) and the Fitness Center. 

Similarly, we have a technology fee which is mandatory because we believe it is a necessary aspect of learning and provides the electronic resources students need both on campus and from on-line around the world. At IU Northwest, money from the technology fee is used for services that IT provides for students, including student computing and technology equipment, software, site assistance and troubleshooting, and the support staff necessary for these functions to operate effectively.  Technology fees collected at the Northwest campus are used to fund electronic resources for this campus and to fund central resources for our students. 

IU Trustees approved a repair and rehabilitation fee beginning Fall 2011. The fee will help cover the cost of necessary repair work and ongoing maintenance for IU Northwest’s buildings and associated infrastructure. 

It is our hope that you will participate in some of the student activities and use some of the learning opportunities which can enhance and enrich your educational experience at IU Northwest.

Distance Education Course Fee (per credit hour) – assessed to any class that is completely online 

Hybrid Course Fee (per credit hour) – assessed to any class that is in person with a online component 

The Distance Education Course Fee and the Hybrid Course Fee support the development and maintenance of online courses and programs along with compliance, accreditation, student services, faculty training, quality assurance and enrollment growth in online programs. In addition these fees help the campus to support campus‐specific efforts to ensure the success of students who are engaged in online education.

Student Success Program Fee (per semester, fall and spring only) assessed to Freshman, Sophomores and Juniors only. 

IU Northwest will use the money from this fee to provide new, innovative, proactive advising services to all freshman, sophomore, and junior students to help them stay on track and complete their degrees. For example, based on our campus needs, we may provide additional student success coaching, improved early alert initiatives, more integrated academic and career counseling services and innovative tutoring experiences embedded in academic classes.