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iun bursar
Instate Out of State
Undergraduate - per credit hour
(1-11) and above 18 credit hours
Graduate - Business
Graduate - Nursing
Graduate - Social
Graduate - Business Weekend MBA
Distance Education Instructional Fees
(DE fees are assessed per credit hour, by program/plane, and with no cap)
Instate Out of State
(1-11) and above 18 credit hours
Program Fees
Per credit hour Cap 12 credits
Nursing Program Fee
Per credit hour, up to 12 credits
Student Success Program Fee
Per semester (fall and spring only);
Freshman, sophmores and Juniors Only
Mandatory Fees
Per credit hour Cap 12 credits
Student Activity Fee
Repair and Rehabilitation Fee
Technology Fee Per Semester
less or equal to 3 credit hours
3 thru 6 credit hours
greater than 6 thru 9 credit hours
greater than 9 credit hours
Parking Fees
Student Parking Fee (optional)
Motorcycle (annually)
One day visitor permit
Permit Replacement Cost
Employee Parking Fees
Full-time Faculty or Professional staff (annually)
Support Staff (annually)
Reserved (annually)
Adjunct (per semester)
Part-time employee
Other Fees (partial list)
Calculator Rental Fee
Dental Instrument Rental - Assiting
Dental Instrument Rental - Hygiene
Dental Instrument Rental
Returned Item Fee
Student Print Charges
Business Color
Duplex Color
Course-Related Fees
Assessment Center Fee - Business (per course)
Assessment Center Fee -Business (per course)
Business UG ETS Exam Fee (per course)
Business MBA and ETS ICT Exam Fee (per course)
Business MBA Lab Fee (per course)
Dental Clinical Practicum Fee (per contact hour)
Distance Education Course Fee (per credit hour)
Education - Student Teaching Fee (per course)
Education Early Experience Fee
Education Practicum Fee (per course)
E txt fee (per course)
Field Trip Fee, Geology (per course)
Field Trip Fee, Theatre, Drama (per course)
Hybrid Course Fee (per credit hour)
International Travel Fee
Laboratory Fee – Level 1 (per contact hour)
Laboratory Fee – Level 2 (per contact hour)
Laboratory Fee – Dental (per course)
Math Assistance Center Fee (per course)
MBA Core Assessment Exam (per course)
Music Performance Study/Applied Music-non major
Nursing Clinic Fee (per contact hour)
Nursing Clinic Fee Graduate (per course)
Radiation Monitoring Fee (per course)
Social Work Field Practicum Fee- UG (per course)
Transportation Fee - Geology G101
Administrative Fees
Admission Application - UG/US Citizen
Admission Application - Grad/US Citizen
Admission Application - International (Grad and UG)
Auditing (no credit)
Copyright Violation Processing Fee
Credit by Exam Fee (per credit hour)
Curriculum Verfication Fee, Social Work
Duplicate Diploma Fee
Enrollment Deposit, Social Work
Foreign Language Placement Exam
International Services Fee
International Services-IEP and short-term programs
Late Payment Fee (per month)
Late Program Change/Schedule Change Fee
Late Registration, Summer - 1st Week
Late Registration, Summer - 2nd Week
Late Registration, Summer - 3rd Week
Late Registration, Summer - 4th Week
Non-Credit Portfolio Independent Study Course
Orientation/New Student Enrollment Fee
Personal Deferment (1st, 2nd and 3rd Installment)
Portfolio Faculty Review Fee
Portfolio Non-Credit Independent Study Course
Stop Payment Fee on Refund Checks
Financial Transcript /Duplicate Account Statement
Academic Transcripts- PDF’s and e-Transcripts
Mail, Fax, In Person