College of Arts and Sciences


Bachelor of Science
Group II: Intensive Writing

Two intensive writing courses (totalling at least 6 credit hours) must be completed aftercompleting the ENG W131 requirement:

  • By completing one or two intensive writing course at the 200 level or above in the English department, or
  • By completing one or two "Intensive Writing Course" in any arts and sciences department. If so designated, the course may also be counted toward fulfilling other arts and sciences degree requirements (e.g., distribution, major, 300-400 level).

An intensive writing course is one in which the writing component is fully integrated with the content and objectives of the course. Thus, a student would not be able to pass the course without fulfilling the intensive writing component and, conversely, it would be equally impossible for a student to pass the intensive writing component and not receive a passing grade in the course

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