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Major in Sociology with Concentration in Women's and Gender Studies

Requirements - Majors (30 cr.)

  • Select four Basic Sociology courses
    • SOC S161 (3 cr.)
    • SOC S215 (3 cr.)
    • SOC S230 (3 cr.)
    • SOC S261 (3 cr.)
  • SOC S262 Methods (3 cr.)
  • Select one course from the following Deviance/Inequality courses
    • SOC S337 Women and Crime (3 cr.)
    • SOC S420 Topics in Deviance, when topic is women, such as Women and Deviance (3 cr.)
  • Select one course from the following Organization courses
    • SOC S310 Sociology of Women in America (3 cr.)
    • SOC S410 Topics in Social Organization when topic is women, such as Women and Religion (3 cr.)
  • SOC S340  (3 cr.)
  • Select electives in areas of Sociology / Anthropology Women's and Gender Studies
    • Select two appropriate courses at the 300-400 level such as
      • SOC S337 (3 cr.)
      • SOC S420 (3 cr.)
      • SOC S310 (3 cr.)
      • SOC S410 (3 cr.) when topic is women or gender
      • SOC S495 Individual Readings and Research when topic is women (3 cr.)
      • SOC S398 Internship in Behavioral Sciences, when agency serves women, such as battered women's shelters, women's transitional houses, etc. (3 cr.)
      • SOC S362 Native American Women (3 cr.)

Outside Electives

  • WOST 200 Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies (3 cr.)
  • Select one WOST W400 course from the following
    • P460 / W400 Psychology of Women (3 cr.)
    • P432 / W400 Women and Madness (3 cr.)
    • Appropriate cross-listed courses from other disciplines (3 cr.)
  • Students must also complete all the requirement for the regular B.A. in Sociology and College of Arts and Sciences B.A. general requirements.
  • P432 / W400 Women and Madness (3 cr.)

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