College of Arts and Sciences


Mathematics and Actuarial Science

Iztok Hozo, Ph.D., Professor of Mathematics and Chairperson

Jon Becker, M.S., Senior Lecturer in Mathematics

Yuanying Guan, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Mathematics

Vesna Kilibarda, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Mathematics

William Odefey, M.A., Lecturer in Mathematics and Co-Director of Introductory Mathematics

Stela Pudar-Hozo, M.A. Equivalency, Senior Lecturer in Mathematics and Co-Director of Introductory Mathematics

Axel Schulze-Halberg, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Mathematics

Oscar G. Villareal, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Mathematics

Xiaofeng Wang, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Mathematics

Henry L. Wyzinski, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Mathematics

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