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Courses in composition include ENG-W 130, ENG-W 131, and ENG-W 132.

Prior to enrolling in a composition course, students must contact Placement Testing and Assessment and complete the directed self-placement.  Students may take the on-line English Placement Survey and print out and bring it with them to the testing site in Hawthorn Hall 108C after making an appointment to take the placement tests required of them. Students may also complete the same form at the testing site.

Additional information will be provided at the testing site, and students should confer with an advisor about the course that best suits them.  Students may also contact the Director of Writing at 980-6569 for further advising.  They should also consult the Bulletin under Placement Testing and Assessment

Courses in writing include ENG-W 231, ENG-W 233, ENG-W 301, ENG-W 303, ENG-W 350, ENG-W 398, and ENG-W 490. Before students are eligible to take further courses in writing, they must have completed ENG-W 131.

Courses in literature include ENG-L 101, ENG-L 102; the following courses are open to sophomores, juniors, seniors, and to second-semester freshmen who have completed either ENG-L 101 or ENG-L 102: ENG-L 201, ENG-L 202, ENG-L 203, ENG-L 204, ENG-L 205, ENG-L 207, ENG-L 211, ENG-L 212, ENG-L 295.

The following courses are ordinarily recommended for juniors and seniors: ENG-L 305, ENG-L 308, ENG-L 311, ENG-L 315, ENGL-L 318, ENG-L 326, ENG-L 332, ENG-L 335, ENG-L 345, ENG-L 346, ENG-L 347, ENG-L 348, ENG-L 351, ENG-L 352, ENG-L 354, ENG-L 355, ENG-L 357, ENG-L 358, ENG-L 364, ENG-L 365, ENG-L 366, ENG-L 369, ENG-L 370, ENG-L 381, ENG-L 382, ENG-L 390, ENG-L 440, ENG-L 495.

Courses in the English language include ENG-G 205, and ENG-G 207.

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