Academic Quality Improvement Program

Academic Quality Improvement Program

Past Action Projects

Past Action Projects

2010 Action Projects

Action Project: Transitioning to Responsibility Centered Management - Retired

Action Project:Implementation of the new General Education Program - Assessment of Learning Outcomes (see 2011 Active Action Projects)

Action Project:Improving Academic Advising through an Online Degree Audit System - Retired

2008 Action Projects

Action Project: Creating a Culture of Continuous Improvement -- Retired April 2009

2006 Action Projects

Below are the 2006 AQIP Action Projects. The first three of these projects were approved by the IU Northwest Strategic Planning Team, posted in April of 2006, and were updated in September of 2006. The Action Project on Measuring Institutional Effectiveness was also approved by the Strategic Planning Team and was posted in September of 2006.

2002 Action Projects

Retired 2002 Action Projects