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iun alumni
  • Membership

    Rule 01.01 

    Dues.  Membership dues shall be established by the Executive Council.  A portion of the dues paid by Association members shall be reserved to fund IUN alumni programs authorized by the Board.

  • Meeting of Members

    Rule 02.01 

    Voting at Meetings. Subject to Article IV of the IUN Alumni Constitution, every regular member will have the right at every meeting to one vote upon all matters submitted to a vote of members. Such vote may be cast in person at the meeting, by voice vote or by ballot.  Voting may also be by mail.

    Rule 02.02 

    Quorum of Association. A quorum for any meeting of members is a majority of those regular members present. A majority vote of the members present and voting is sufficient to approve any action coming before the membership, except where otherwise provided.

  • IUN Alumni Board

    Rule 03.01  

    Method of Selection. Subject to Articles V and VI of the IUN Alumni  Association Constitution, At-large board members will  be nominated and elected in the same manner as the officers of the Board and they will  share the same ballot.  Board members representing academic units will be nominated by the head of the unit. The Nominating Committee shall place the academic unit nominee on the ballot, and the member will  be ratified pro forma. Upon the pro-forma vote, the unit representing nominee, will  be elected. In all other cases, candidates receiving a majority of the votes of those present and voting, shall be elected.

    Rule 03.02

    Academic units listed. The following shall constitute degree granting units recognized and entitled to nominate unit representatives to the Board of Directors:

    • School of Education
    • Allied Health
    • School of Social Work
    • College of Arts and Sciences
    • School of Public & Environmental Affairs (SPEA) Business and Economics
    • Continuing Studies
    • Nursing
    • Dental
    • Labor Studies

    Rule 03.03

    Board of Directors Quorum and Majority.  Except as otherwise provided by the Constitution, all actions of the Board will  be decided by a majority vote. A quorum will be a majority of the entire Board. In the absence of a quorum, no legal action can be taken unless such action is later ratified by the majority of the Board at a properly called meeting. For the sole purposes of ratifying action taken at a meeting conducted without a quorum, voting by  electronic media is permissible.

    Rule 03.04    

    Records of Meetings and Reports. The Secretary will keep a written record of the proceedings of all meetings.

    Rule 03.05

    Removal from Office.  Any officer or Board member may be removed from any office for cause by a two-thirds vote of the Board. No officer or Board member may be removed for any reason unless such person is notified in writing at least thirty days before a motion for removal is considered by the Board.

    Rule 03.06  

    Attendance Requirement. Any Board member may be removed by vote of the Board for failing to attend three consecutive scheduled Board meetings.

  • Officers

    Rule 04.01 

    Methods of Election and Selection of Immediate Past President. Elections shall be conducted according to Article V, Section 3 of the Constitution of the IUN  Alumni  Association. Additional  candidates may be nominated by any Board member at the meeting of the Board designated for the election of officers.

    Rule 04.02

    The Office of Immediate Past President shall be held by the person who remains an active regular member of the Association, whose term of office as President of the IUN Alumni Association is most recently ended. The person shall hold the office of Immediate Past President until succeeded by a President whose term of Office as President is next, most recently ended. However, the person shall not be qualified to the Office of Immediate Past President if the term ended owing to removal or abandonment of office. A person holding the office of President, while eligible to run for an additional term, but chooses not to do so, does not constitute abandonment.

    Last revised: IUN Alumni Association meeting, August 17, 2011