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Career Development


This course complies with the Indiana State Department of Health requirements of 105 hours of training. The program includes 30-32 hours of classroom instruction and 75-80 hours of clinical experience in a licensed long term care facility in Northwest Indiana over a period of three weeks.  Participants must be able to read and write English and add and subtract.  Successful completion of both classroom and clinical portions leads to registration for the State Certified Nursing Assistant Test. The $75 fee is not included in the registration fee.

Course content includes an overview of the aging process, residents’ rights, verbal and non-verbal communication, safety and first aid, basic nursing and personal care procedures, and basic restorative services.  A physical and TB test are required.  You may secure these on your own or utilize our services for $25.00 and $10.00.  They will be done during classroom hours.  Uniforms are required for clinical training and white scrubs can be purchased at uniform or retail stores. Clean, comfortable shoes and a watch with a second hand are needed.  Attendance is required and tardiness or missed days will not be tolerated.  If any days are missed, the entire course must be repeated at the student’s expense.  You CANNOT miss any time from this class because it is regulated by the state of Indiana.  A criminal background check will be done on all students and questions about probation, felonies, or other pertinent information will be asked.  Anyone who works in health care facilities will be screened for drugs prior to employment.

 The confirmation letter lists potential employers and the Office of Career Services at IUN will offer selective services for assisting you with employment. The instructor may recommend top students to employers. There are no job guarantees.  You must be active in seeking employment.  Students have to be certified by the state before employment unless they find an employer willing to let them work on a provisional basis until they pass the state test.  Hospitals require the state certification.  The state test is administered by Ivy Tech and is usually scheduled three or more weeks after application is made.  It depends on Ivy Tech’s schedule and backlog.  Be sure you do not miss your test date and follow all the instructions given for a successful completion. 

The entire program is offered at off campus locations.  Each class is scheduled for three weeks Monday-Friday.  The first week is in a classroom at a church in Merrillville.  It meets from 8 - 2 p.m. and students wear casual clothes.  The second and third weeks are clinical experience from 7 a.m. - 3 p.m. and meets at Miller’s Merry Manor in Hobart.  Students wear white scrubs, clean shoes, and a wrist watch with a second hand.  Hours may vary slightly if a major holiday is scheduled during the course.   

Location:  Miller’s Merry Manor, Hobart

February 3 - February 21

March 3 - March 21

April 7 - April 25

The program cost for the course is $810.00 ($75 state test, $10 TB test, $25 physical exam, wrist watch with second hand, and uniforms are not included).  Classes have limited enrollment and may fill up before the start date.  Sign up early to reserve your space.  Registration fees of $810 are due at the time of enrollment.  The other fees can be paid the first week of class.  There are no partial payments or payment plans.  Cashier’s check, money order, or credit/debit card charges only.  All enrollments are done on line at   Checks must be sent to a lockbox at least 14 days before a class is scheduled to start. Credit and debit cards are processed immediately. See section on registration and policies and procedures for clarification.  Typical forms of financial aid are not accepted because this is a non-credit program.  Students may seek possible assistance through their local Work One office.  This process is lengthy so start early.


This course is essential for anyone who wants to know how to administer the dental business office.  It is also helpful for dental assistants and dental hygienists who want to understand the flow between clinical and business operations of the practice.  It includes the study of dental administration from the moment a patient calls to the final walkout, as well as the final billing and reconciliation of the patient's account.  Topics addressed include:  legal/ethical issues and regulations, charting/documentation, optimal scheduling, patient relations, clinical records management, creative treatment planning, communication skills, complete dental billing and claim form processing.  

Tuesdays, March 18 - May 13

6:30 - 8:30 p.m., $245 (includes book)

Register after March 7 - $255


Students will learn how to successfully file the HCFA-1500 form for major nationwide insurance programs, will be exposed to the national diagnostic and procedural coding systems, and simplify the process of filing commercial claim forms.  Students will study the following topics: Legal Considerations, Life Cycle of an Insurance Claim, Terminology Common to all Programs, The Standard Data Set, The Basic Insurance Claim, Blue Cross and Blue Shield Plans, Medicare, Medicaid, and Champus/Champva. The Medical Terminology class is strongly recommended (but not required) before taking this course.  It runs concurrently with this course and starts March 5.  After Medical Terminology is completed you will begin Wednesday nights in addition to the Monday nights scheduled for this class.  All dates listed below are required.  The cost of this course includes the books.

Mondays, March 24, 31, April 7, 14, 21, 28, May 5, 12, 19

Wednesdays, April 30, May 7 and May 14

6:00-8:30 p.m., $425 (includes textbook and workbook) 

After March 14 - $450 


This course is mandatory for many careers in the medical field.  The instructor will simplify the pronunciation of medical words and their meaning. The class is helpful for Health Insurance Billing.  The instructor for this class gets rave reviews from students.

Wednesdays, March 5 - April 23

6:00-8:30 p.m., $250 (includes book) 

Register after February 20 - $260


This program has been approved by the Indiana Board of Pharmacy and meets the requirements for employment in the state.  The course helps prepare the student for an optional independent national certification test.  The course content will include pharmacy terminology, control substances, quality assurance, retail and hospital pharmacy, long term care pharmacy, basic IV overview and demonstration, Total Parentral Nutrition, mathematical computations as they apply to the pharmacy, special problems, and sterile technique.  A GED or high school diploma is required for employment and recommended before enrolling in the class.  Students should have average math skills and learn basic computer skills before seeking employment. Typical salaries range from $9-$12 an hour depending on the setting of employment.  

Tuesdays and Thursdays, March 4 - May 22

7:00 - 9:30 p.m., $995 (includes book and workbook)

Register after February 20 - $1,050