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student ambassadors wearing an IU shirt

Student Ambassadors - Anthony Brooks

Anthony Brooks

Colorado Springs, Colo.

Home schooled

Current year

Finally a senior, woot woot!

Degree program


My student activities

I am currently president of Student Ambassadors. I also sometimes teach guitar in my spare time.

Student Ambassador Anthony Brooks

About me

I was born in Fort Benning, Ga. However, I grew up in Colorado Springs, Colo., so that is my hometown at heart! Due to my family moving around a lot, and my parents being dissatisfied with the schools in my area, I was home schooled for high school.

Why I chose IU Northwest

I loved the small campus feel and the fact that it is so close to home for me! I heard that the nursing program was great, the tuition is good, and the fact that there are many opportunities for scholarships is a huge plus. The icing on the cake was that I love the color red, which is our school and scrub color in the nursing program!

Words of wisdom

Three things:

  1. Apply for scholarships please! There are so many scholarships offered just at IUN alone. Some are for specific majors, some are for certain clubs, for freshmen and returning students, and others up for grabs for anyone. Not to mention the countless others offered on the internet. Apply even if you don’t think you’ll earn it: the worst they can say is no!
  2. Try to make friends in every class you go. It is a great way to meet new people, which is what college is all about! It gives you someone you can talk to if you have questions about the class or if you end up missing a lecture. It is a great networking opportunity. Moreover, you may make a lifetime buddy in the process!
  3. Last but not least: plan some dedicated relaxation time! Of course, you want to stay focused: going to class, studying, and making good grades. Nevertheless, you also need to take time to relax and have “me time.” School can sometimes be overwhelming, frustrating, and difficult. If you don’t take time to relax and unwind, you can get burned out quickly!

Friendships that Never Fade

For More Information

Contact Kevin Smith at
219-981-5689 or [[kes20]].