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Welcome to the Spring Semester 2015 Issue of the Administrative Council’s Online Newsletter!

AdministrationThe general purpose of the newsletter is to update the IU Northwest community on some of the recent and planned activities/projects of the administrative units that make up Administration at IU Northwest, including Environmental Health and Safety, Facilities Planning and Campus Services, Human Resources, Physical Plant, and University Police. The newsletter is produced twice a year in August/September and January/February.

What We Do

The Office of Administration and its units seek to assist the academic units and others on campus by providing leadership and support for campus facilities planning; coordinating planning for capital construction, repairs and renovations; managing the operation and maintenance of campus facilities and grounds; engaging in activities that enhance the institution’s human resources and other essential campus services; and developing policies and procedures and engaging in operational activities that promote campus health, safety and security, all helping to guide campus development to give physical form to IU Northwest’s mission, vision, values, and strategic priorities.

Facilities-Related News

Planning for the New Arts & Sciences Building

IUN New Bldg

Construction planning for a new $45 million Arts and Sciences building, to be located on the IU Northwest campus and in partnership with Ivy Tech-Northwest, continues to move forward well.  A number of us in Administration and many others from across the campus are working with the IU Office of Capital Planning and Facilities, architect Moody Nolan, and others.  This project will continue to be a major focus of campus facilities planning and development for those of us within Administration.

Over the past few months, the design documents for the new building were completed and reviewed.  Currently, construction documents are being created, which will result in a formal request for bids being released in the spring. Construction of the new building is anticipated to begin during the summer.Additional information on the new building is provided by the campus at

What We Do

The Office of Administration and its units seek to assist the academic units and others on campus by providing leadership and support for campus facilities planning; coordinating planning for capital construction, repairs and renovations; managing the operation and maintenance of campus facilities and grounds; engaging in activities that enhance the institution’s human resources and other essential campus services; and developing policies and procedures and engaging in operational activities that promote campus health, safety and security, all helping to guide campus development to give physical form to IU Northwest’s mission, vision, values, and strategic priorities.

Creation of New Interactive Campus Map

Administration funded during 2014 the creation of a new interactive campus map, which is based on the IU interactive map template.  Working with the assistance of IUITs, IU Northwest Marketing and Communications, the UA Space Management Team and PAGR, the new map provides added functionality.  For example, clicking on a building footprint results in live feed providing building information in a popup box (including photos and departmental occupants), and the new map provides optimized iPad/Tablet view, improved drawing and label tools, and an enhanced ability to share specific map zoom level with others by using a “link” tool (which may be useful for providing customized links for direction to events). The interactive map is available at We also are working with IU Capital Planning and Facilities and IU Northwest Marketing and Communications to update other campus maps, particularly to show the demolition of Sycamore Hall and the new use for Cedar Hall.

Renovation of Moraine Student Center Restrooms -- Further Restroom Renovations Planned after Spring Semester Ends

At this writing, the renovation of the Moraine Student Center restrooms is near completion.  The new restrooms are expected to be open for use in early February 2015. 

The project represents just one of several restroom renovations across the campus that have either recently been completed or are planned for the near future. In recent years, restrooms in the lobby of the Anderson Library/Conference Center and on the first-floor of Hawthorn Hall were renovated.  Design work has been completed for additional projects in Raintree Hall and on the first-floor of the Anderson Library.  Work on these restrooms is planned to begin immediately after the Spring Semester, 2015.  Thereafter, additional projects are anticipated for restrooms on the upper floors of Hawthorn and on the first-floor of Marram Hall, funding permitting. 

Note:  The Raintree Hall project will include not only the renovation of the current first-floor restrooms, but also the expansion of restroom facilities in that building, through the addition of a gender-neutral restroom located on Raintree's second floor.

Face-Lift to Hawthorn Hall Lobby and Parts of the HH Enrollment Services Areas

The Executive VC for Academic Affairs, VC for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management, the CFO, Director of Physical Plant, and the VC for Administration are working with the IU University Architect’s Office to plan changes to the Hawthorn Hall lobby area and parts of the enrollment services areas.  The changes will improve significantly both the appearance and functionality of these areas (including, for example, through improvements to lobby seating, ceilings/lighting, and HVAC operations). The areas are expected to be more inviting to current and prospective students.  Design work is on-going and is expected to be completed during the spring.  Construction is anticipated to begin in the summer.

Sycamore Hall Demolition and Sycamore Parking Lot Expansion Projects

With the 2014 renovation of the former Child Care Center on 35th Ave. (now re-named Cedar Hall) and the subsequent move into that building by the Office of University Advancement & External Affairs and moves by other departments from Sycamore to new locations, the stage was set to demolish Sycamore Hall.  Sycamore was demolished during the Fall Semester, 2014.

The Sycamore Hall footprint is currently being used as a temporary crushed-stone parking area, pending a parking expansion project that will greatly expand parking in that area.  The plan is to use space acquired by IU just south of the existing Sycamore parking lot, the Sycamore footprint area, and the recently-demolished old child care center building space (located just south of Lindenwood Hall) to expand the current Sycamore parking lot.  The expansion project will start with the coming of warmer weather and is expected to be completed during the summer 2015.  

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

The Administrative Council continually seeks input to help us with unit/program evaluation designed to improve unit efficiency and the quality of services. For example, Physical Plant has had online for some time a Customer Satisfaction Survey evaluating the response of the Physical Plant staff to work order requests:

Physical Plant Customer Satisfaction Survey

Physical Plant added in 2009 an additional Customer Satisfaction Survey, which is designed to gauge the level of satisfaction of the campus community with Physical Plant Building Services:

Building Services Customer Satisfaction Survey

The Building Services’ survey asks those completing the survey to consider their level of satisfaction based on the established Building Services’ frequency schedule for cleaning, which provides the schedule for the frequency of specific cleaning efforts on a daily, weekly, etc. basis. So that the director can determine more precisely any areas in need of improvement, the survey asks for the level of satisfaction for work done in a particular building and room on campus. However, an opportunity also exists to set out overall satisfaction and to provide suggestions and/or general comments regarding Building Services. The survey can be taken multiple times, as well, to provide input on several buildings and rooms.

Customer satisfaction surveys are also offered by the University Police, the Office of Environmental Health & Safety, and the Office of Human Resources at:

University Police Customer Satisfaction Survey 

Environmental Health and Safety Customer Satisfaction Survey

Human Resources Satisfaction Survey

 SH 1       SH 6     

SH 7

Tamarack Green Project

The old Tamarack building was demolished in the spring of 2012.  “Phase 2” site improvements to the demolished space were completed in the fall of 2012.  Phase 2 involved basic development of the site, including laying sidewalks, planting trees/shrubs, installing lighting and a Code Blue emergency phone for safety, and developing a small addition to the Lot #2 parking area (primarily to provide appropriate space for the parking of campus buses, including shuttle buses, space for motorcycle parking, and some additional parking spots). 


Additional development of the site’s green space (“Phase 3”) will take place in the future.  Chancellor Lowe initiated a campus conversation on further site development, and consultative planning, based on the ideas/preferences developed as a result of the conversation, moved forward during 2014.  An IU landscape architect and consultant assisted, along with a campus task force.  A report to the Chancellor from the landscape architect has been made with a recommendation for a phased approach to development.  Chancellor Lowe introduced the consultant’s general conceptual drawing to the campus at the August 22, 2014 Campus Conversation.  He also has announced that fundraising activities are moving forward.

Dunes “Envelope” Project

The University continued work on a project to deal with the long-standing water intrusion problem within the Dunes Medical/Professional building.  A phased-in repair plan has been pursued.  Phase I of the project, focusing on repairs to the building’s roof and parapet, was completed during the 2013-14 academic year.  Phase II work on windows within the building began during the past summer and was concluded during the Fall Semester, 2014.

Dunes Env 1 Dunes Env 2

IU Credit Union Renovation

The campus partnered with the IU Credit Union to provide basic enhancements to the space occupied by IUCU in the Moraine Student Center.  Project work included new ceilings and lighting, as well as other basic improvements. The project took place between the fall and spring semesters. IUCU’s President, Bryan Price, and Chancellor William Lowe met on campus in January 2015 to examine the completed work.

Pictured left to Right:  Doug Achterhof, IUCU Branch Manager; VC Joe Pellicciotti; Bryan W. Price, IUCU President & CEO; Chancellor Lowe; Andy Allard, IUCU VP & COO.


Examples of Other Facility-Related Projects

A number of smaller facility-related projects/planning activities took place over the last several months, including, for example:

Various carpeting and floor and ceiling repairs and painting projects occurred on campus. Some new furniture was purchased and installed within the Moraine Student Center.  New classroom seating was installed in Marram Hall 119 (and plans are going forward for similar furniture to be installed in Marram 115 and 123, pending available funding).

Important campus infrastructure projects took place, as they always do, including, for example, the replacement of the underground medium voltage cable on campus and repairs to a chiller line leak.  An upgrade to the fire alarm system is planned for Raintree Hall (with initial work expected to begin in 2015) and bidding to replace the elevators/hydraulics in Hawthorn Hall should occur soon (with work expected to begin over the next few months).  A fan motor and mounts were replaced recently in the Anderson Library/Conference Center.  The replacement of a cooling coil located in Anderson is expected to take place either this summer or between the fall and spring semesters, 2015-2016.

Environmental Health & Safety assisted campus facility safety with audits of labs and conducted fire alarm testing.  Many individuals across the campus who serve on the IU Northwest Crisis Management Team worked with I.U. Emergency Management and Continuity to conduct an “active shooter” training exercise at IU Northwest during the summer.  The CMT and IUEMC are planning to conduct additional table–top sessions/activities throughout 2015.

Samples of Ergonomic Chairs Available in Office of Administration

Our director of Environmental Health & Safety reports that “Purchasing, the University Architects Office, and University Environmental Health and Safety have collaborated on identifying a set of office chairs that meet the needs of the campus community and have ergonomically-friendly features.”  IU Purchasing has a package of six (6) different types of these ergonomic chairs for use in testing the chairs on campus.  The Office of Administration has received these samples from Purchasing.  Those individuals from campus departments interested in purchasing a new chair are encouraged to test the available chairs prior to purchasing. 

For additional information from IU Purchasing, please see:

The chairs are available at:

Office of Administration
Lindenwood Hall 418

For arrangements, please contact:

Jackie Peyton
(219) 981-5693

Demo Chairs

Human Resources

Starting a new position can be an exciting and busy time for new employees. To ensure that we are providing new employees with the necessary resources to facilitate a successful onboarding experience, the Human Resources Department has reorganized the new hire orientation process to offer a more inclusive orientation.  The new hire orientation process will now include a 2-day orientation.  

On the first day of employment, employees will receive a general overview of the campus and its resources, including a campus tour (now in video format, accessible through the HR webpage) and a payroll orientation.

On the Friday following the start date, employees will receive an extended orientation to include a staff policy and handbook review, benefits orientation, enrollment assistance and familiarization with the various campus departments and their resources.

In conjunction with IT, we are working to expand the video component to include vital information from other departments, including IT policies, Affirmative Action, Diversity Equity and Multicultural Affairs, and other committees and groups new employees may be interested in becoming involved in.

Please take a moment to view the Campus Overview/Tour that we now use during New Employee Orientation.

These videos can be found on the HR webpage on the orientation tab.

Environmental Health & Safety

News from Kathryn Manteuffel, Regional Campus Director of University Environmental Health and Safety:

For the first time in campus history there are Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) interns at IU Northwest.  It all came about after the former part-time specialist left the university’s employment and I received a call from IU Bloomington inquiring about the possibility of hosting an intern.  The stars had to align just right for this to happen.  Thankfully it did.

In the spring of 2014, I received a call from University Environmental Health and Safety-Bloomington.  A student in the School of Public Health was completing his degree and was scheduled to complete his internship at the Bloomington office.  Fortunately for him, he was offered a job in Portage, Indiana.  This however was going to make it quite hard to complete his internship in Bloomington. 

At the time of the call, I was in the process of moving forward to hire some part-time employees.  I decided to create the jobs as internships, offering the IU community an opportunity to learn what it is like to provide comprehensive environmental, health, and safety services at a university.

What makes an internship at IU Northwest unique (compared to all other IU campuses) is that here the intern will gather knowledge and experience in all areas EHS (such as Biological Safety, Environmental Safety, Laboratory Safety, Occupational Safety, and Public Health) as well as Fire Safety (typically an Indiana University Insurance, Loss Control and Claims or Physical Plant function) and Emergency Planning and Response (typically Emergency Management and Continuity function).

The interns have been on-the job for between three and four months and have learned a lot in this time.  They each work about two to three days a week.  Early on, quite a bit of time was spent learning about EHS and how to perform specific tasks.  Last month, they both began independent work on the campus and have generated some pretty impressive results.

Below you will find some profile information about the interns.  Please join me in welcoming them to EHS and the larger IU Northwest family!

Rigoberto Carlos GarciaI am a graduate of Indiana University Northwest (School of Business) and excited to have the opportunity to expand my horizons and give back to the organization.  So far, I can say I have learned a lot about the Occupational Safety and Health Act/Administration (OSHA), fire safety, public health and environmental safety.  Specifically I have worked on projects like:  OSHA-style inspections, fire extinguisher inspections, food safety progress reports and collecting data to prepare for the University’s impending Indiana Department of Environmental Management inspection of the campus’ stormwater protection activities.  I look forward to learning more, gaining experience and possibly creating a career path that includes EHS.intern2

William Casmir Mueller

I am currently in the last phase of earning my Bachelor in Safety from the School of Public Health (Indiana University) and intend to graduate in the spring of this year.  While participating in this internship, I am also a full-time firefighter for the Portage Fire Department.  I have found that much of what I learned in my academic career easily can be applied to my firefighting career as well as the work I perform here for EHS.  Some tasks that I have been instructed on and assigned that bridge both jobs are the inspections of fire extinguishers, fire suppression systems, and occupied buildings to identify hazards.  I look forward to learning more about emergency planning/preparedness in a university setting and am sure it will enhance my future career. IU Northwest Police Department

Friends and family were in attendance at the official IU Northwest Police Department swearing in ceremony held on Monday, January 12, 2015, in the Anderson Library Conference Room 105ABC.  

Congratulations to the Honorees

Sergeant Ricardo Garcia
Detective Corporal Michael DeVries
Detective Amanda Earley
Corporal Melvin Blakely
Corporal Clifford Caldwelll
Officer Sean Matheny
Officer Steven Aguirre
Sergeant Brandon Campbell
Officer Jintana Inthisane
Officer Nina Evans

  iupd1                            iupd2                             iupd3          

Pic 1 - Detective Amanda Early, Corporal Clifford Caldwell, Corporal Melvin Blakely, Detective Mike DeVries
Pic 2 - Detective Michael DeVries, Corporal Melvin Blakely, Chief Patricia Nowak, Detective Amanda Early
Pic 3 - Detective Michael DeVries, Corporal Melvin Blakely, Detective Amanda Early, Corporal Clifford Caldwell                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

RedHawk Shuttle


A reminder that the free RedHawk Parking Shuttle is available during the fall and spring semesters and operates from 8:00 AM – 7:30 PM, Monday through Thursday, when classes are in session.

Remember, the last shuttle of the day departs Moraine at 7:20 PM, the Library at 7:23 PM,and arrives at the Park & Ride at 7:30 PM

For more information:

Emergency Preparedness

Update Your IU Notify Contact InformationPlease remember to update your contact information for IU-Notify through to stay informed in case of an emergency.The IU Northwest Crisis Management Team urges you to consider including not only your home telephone number in the contact data range, but also your cellular, SMS/text consent, and email address.  This will enhance the receipt of timely and critical alerts, including notice of campus closures, class cancellations, and other campus emergency or urgent situations.Go to the "Notifications” section of and then click "IU-Notify." You can also select to receive notices for other IU campuses, as well.ALSO: Please review and consider bookmarking the Indiana University and I.U. Northwest emergency preparedness websites: