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Welcome to the August/September 2014 issue of the Administrative Council’s online Newsletter!

AdministrationThe general purpose of the newsletter is to update the IU Northwest community on some of the recent and planned activities/projects of the administrative units that make up Administration at IU Northwest, including Environmental Health and Safety, Facilities Planning and Campus Services, Human Resources, Physical Plant, and University Police. The newsletter is produced twice a year in August/September and January/February.Facilities-Related NewsAppointment of Ms. Melissa Zagorac as the Assistant Director of Physical PlantThose of us in Administration are very pleased that Melissa Zagorac has joined the Physical Plant Department, as assistant director (effective May 5, 2014).  Prior to her appointment, Melissa served as the Director of Operations, within the Facilities & Construction Department of Columbia College, Chicago.  She received her bachelor’s degree from Roger Williams University, Bristol, Rhode Island.  Note: To help you get to know Melissa and her work, we asked her to respond to a few questions in a “Profile” section located within this newsletter.Planning for the New Arts & Sciences BuildingPlanning for the construction of a new $45 million Arts and Sciences building, to be located on the IU Northwest campus and in partnership with Ivy Tech-Northwest, continues to move forward.  A number of us in Administration and many others from across the campus are working with the IU Offices of the Vice President for Capital Planning and Facilities and Space Planning, architect Moody Nolan, and others.  This project will be a major focus of campus facilities planning/development.  It is an exciting project which will serve the campus well.  The project received I.U. Board of Trustees approval on Friday, June 20, 2014, to proceed with the development of the design for the new shared facility.Additional information on the building is provided by the campus at

What we Do

The Office of Administration and its units seek to assist the academic units and others on campus by providing leadership and support for campus facilities planning; coordinating planning for capital construction, repairs and renovations; managing the operation and maintenance of campus facilities and grounds; engaging in activities that enhance the institution’s human resources and other essential campus services; and developing policies and procedures and engaging in operational activities that promote campus health, safety and security, all helping to guide campus development to give physical form to IU Northwest’s mission, vision, values, and strategic priorities.

IUN New BldgIUN New Bldg

Renovation of the Former Child Care Center and Renaming the CCC “Cedar Hall”

Those of us in Administration, again working with others on campus and at the University, have been involved with the renovation of the former Child Care Center on 35th Ave.  Work on this project was completed in July.  The newly renovated facility is a state-of-the-art building designed to house the Office of University Advancement and External Affairs.  In August, the campus learned that the University had approved the campus’s request to rename the Child Care Center “Cedar Hall.”  The new name is in effect for the building.



Office Moves from Sycamore Hall

The renovation of Cedar Hall was a catalyst for several moves on campus, with the specific goal of removing all occupants in Sycamore Hall to prepare that old structure for demolition.  The Office of University Advancement and External Affairs moved into Cedar Hall on July 22nd.  Other departments were moved out of Sycamore during July into new “homes” on campus, emptying Sycamore.  The following is the list of office moves:

  • The Office of University Advancement and External Affairs (UAEA) moved from Sycamore Hall to Cedar Hall.  The UAEA move includes Alumni Relations, Development, Special Events, and Marketing and Communications.
  • The Office of Environmental Health and Safety moved from Sycamore Hall to Lindenwood Hall, Room 202.
  • General Studies moved from Sycamore Hall to Hawthorn Hall, Rooms 244, 246 and 248.
  • The preceding moves resulted in other necessary office moves. Those moves include Academic Success Advisors to Hawthorn Hall, Room 448; 21st Century Student Specialists to Hawthorn Hall, Room 106; the Reading Lab to Hawthorn Hall, Room 427; and Marc Uncapher, Director of Microcomputer Support, to Raintree Hall, Room 213C. 

The furniture remaining in Sycamore after the move of the departments was reallocated to other units on campus and submitted through IU Purchasing’s “Surplus Store.”  The Sycamore demolition project went to bid in August.  A contractor has been selected, and the actual demolition of Sycamore is expected later this fall (as noted below).

Sewer Lines and Lift Station Project and IU Northwest Sewer Connection

The University has worked with the Gary Sanitary District on a major sewer project that provides substantial assistance to the campus (and the surrounding neighborhood) with the removal of storm water during heavy rains.  The first phase of the project included installation of new sewer lines down Connecticut from Ridge Road to the Little Calumet River and construction of a new pumping station near Connecticut at 33rd Ave.  Phase 1 of the project also included the construction of lines under Broadway along 33rd and 35th.  Phase 2 of the project included connecting with the new sewer lines W of 33rd and 35th to serve the main campus, as well as general campus drainage improvements.  The University retained an engineering firm to develop a project design that best allowed it to connect to the new sewer.  Rather than beginning part of the project in late summer 2013, Chancellor Lowe instructed Administration to work with UAO to begin and complete the entire project in 2014.  The project was completed before Fall Semester, 2014.  It represents a significant investment in campus infrastructure.

Sewer Sewer


Post-Demolition of the Old Tamarack Building and the Tamarack Green

The old Tamarack building was demolished in the spring of 2012.  “Phase 2” site improvements to the demolished space were completed in the fall of 2012.  Phase 2 involved the basic development of the site, including laying sidewalks, planting trees and shrubs, installing lighting and a Code Blue emergency phone for safety, and developing a small addition to the Lot #2 parking area (primarily to provide appropriate space for the parking of campus buses, including shuttle buses, space for motorcycle parking, and some additional parking spots).  Additional development of the site’s green space (“Phase 3”) will take place in the future, pending available funding.  Chancellor Lowe initiated a campus conversation on further site development, and consultative planning, based on the ideas/preferences developed as a result of the conversation, moved forward during the 2013-14 academic year.  An IU landscape architect and consultant assisted, along with Administration and a campus task force.  A report to the Chancellor from the landscape architect has been made with a recommendation for a phased approach to development, as fundraising makes possible.  Chancellor Lowe introduced the consultant’s general conceptual drawing to the campus at the August 22, 2014 Campus Conversation.

Dunes “Envelope” Project

The University continues to work on a project that seeks to deal with the long-standing problem of water intrusion within the Dunes Medical/Professional building.  A phased-in repair plan is being pursued.  Phase I of the project, focusing on repairs to the building’s roof and parapet, was completed during the 2013-14 academic year.  Work on windows at the building began this past summer and will conclude during the Fall Semester, 2014.


Demolition of Vacant Homes/Sycamore Hall Demolition/Parking Expansion

Connecticut Street DemolitionSeveral vacant buildings owned/recently acquired by the University have been demolished.  The buildings were located either east of Broadway (in the area near the planned construction of the new building) or just south of Lindenwood and Sycamore. The Office of Fiscal Affairs approved an expansion of parking for the Sycamore Hall parking lot.  Demolishing the vacant buildings in that area allows for the expansion to occur.  Chancellor Lowe directed that Sycamore Hall be demolished.  The space made available from the Sycamore Hall demolition also will be included in the expansion footprint for the Sycamore parking lot.  The University Architect’s Office is expected to complete the design for the Sycamore parking lot expansion soon.  UAO is also reviewing currently the entire campus parking situation to determine best opportunities for parking expansion generally on the campus.

Creation of New Interactive Campus Map

Administration funded the creation of a new interactive campus map, which is based on the IU interactive map template.  Created with the assistance of IUITs, IU Northwest Marketing and Communications, the UA Space Management Team and PAGR, the new map provides added functionality.  For example, the clicking on of a building footprint results in live feed providing building information in a pop-up box including photos and departmental occupants.  Other benefits include, e.g., optimized iPad/Tablet view, improved drawing and label tools, and an enhanced ability to share specific map zoon level with others by using a “link” tool (which may be useful for providing customized links for direction to events).  The interactive campus map can be viewed at

Renovation of Hawthorn Hall First-Floor Restrooms/Design Work for Further Restroom Renovations

Design work was completed last summer for the renovation of the Hawthorn Hall first-floor restrooms.  Renovations began in July 2013 and were completed in the fall of 2013.  Several additional renovations of restrooms are planned throughout the campus.  Design work for projects in Raintree, the Moraine Student Center, and the first-floor of Anderson Library has been completed.  After that, additional projects are anticipated in Hawthorn and Marram.  All projects are subject to the availability of R&R funding.  Currently, we anticipate funding in the Fall Semester, 2014 to renovate the restrooms in Moraine.  Work on the Raintree restrooms and the first-floor restrooms in Anderson will begin immediately after the end of the Spring Semester, 2015.

Note: The Raintree project will include not only the renovation of the current first-floor restrooms, but also the expansion of restroom facilities in that building with the addition of a gender-neutral restroom on Raintree’s second floor.

Examples of Other, Facility-Related Projects

A number of smaller facility-related projects/planning activities took place over the last several months, including, for example:

Various carpeting and floor and ceiling repairs and painting projects occurred on campus, including installing new carpeting in the Anderson Conference Center area.  Some new furniture is planned for certain locations within the Moraine Student Center (expected to arrive shortly) and new classroom seating has been installed in Marram Hall 119.


 Marram Hall New Classroom Seating

The campus has contracted for design work to replace the underground high voltage cable; an upgrade to the fire alarm system is planned for Raintree Hall (with initial work expected to begin in 2015); renovations to the Credit Union are planned; new fume hoods and spray booths were installed this summer at Arts on Grant, and the replacement of the elevators' hydraulics in Hawthorn Hall should begin during the Fall Semester, 2014.

New building office directories were placed in Hawthorn Hall (these allow for easy information updates); new directories were ordered and placed by Administration for use in other campus buildings, and the campus Strategic Priorities posters have been placed in classrooms and various administrative spaces across campus.  In addition, Administration has worked with the I.U. Office of Emergency Management and Continuity to acquire specific addresses for campus buildings (beyond the aggregate 3400 Broadway address).  The purpose of this project is to provide individualized addressing to serve external emergency management personnel who may be called to campus in an emergency.  The new addresses will eventually be displayed on new exterior building signage funding permitting.  The first sign with an individualized building address will appear shortly, when a new sign goes up to identify Cedar Hall (29 West 35th Ave.).

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

The Administrative Council continually seeks input to help us with unit/program evaluation designed to improve unit efficiency and the quality of services. For example, Physical Plant has had online for some time a Customer Satisfaction Survey evaluating the response of the Physical Plant staff to work order requests:

Physical Plant Customer Satisfaction Survey

Physical Plant added in 2009 an additional Customer Satisfaction Survey, which is designed to gauge the level of satisfaction of the campus community with Physical Plant Building Services:

Building Services Customer Satisfaction Survey

The Building Services’ survey asks those completing the survey to consider their level of satisfaction based on the established Building Services’ frequency schedule for cleaning, which provides the schedule for the frequency of specific cleaning efforts on a daily, weekly, etc. basis. So that the director can determine more precisely any areas in need of improvement, the survey asks for the level of satisfaction for work done in a particular building and room on campus. However, an opportunity also exists to set out overall satisfaction and to provide suggestions and/or general comments regarding Building Services. The survey can be taken multiple times, as well, to provide input on several buildings and rooms.

Customer satisfaction surveys are also offered by the University Police, the Office of Environmental Health & Safety, and the Office of Human Resources at:

University Police Customer Satisfaction Survey 

Environmental Health and Safety Customer Satisfaction Survey

Human Resources Satisfaction Survey

An ARC Flash Study of the campus electric grid has been completed as an important employee work safety project.  Environmental Health & Safety assisted campus facility safety with audits of labs, conducting fire alarm testing, and identifying Emergency Action Plan building representatives and training those representatives.  Many individuals, along with others from across the campus, worked with I.U. Emergency Management and Continuity to conduct an “active shooter” training exercise on campus in July 2014.

Human Resources

As we embark upon one of the busiest times of year for the campus, the Human Resources Team is dedicated to meeting the needs of the campus and providing excellent customer service. To assist you with obtaining information from Human Resources, below is a comprehensive list detailing each person’s area of service and contact information.  If you have any questions/concerns that are not mentioned below please feel free to contact anyone within the department for assistance.

Mianta’ Diming: Interim Director HR / / 219-980-6620

  • Any questions regarding monthly paid Professional Staff/Faculty payroll
  • Maintenance of monthly paid ePTO calendar
  • Any questions related to benefit enrollment/changes
  • Interpretation of University Policy
  • Background check approval
  • Position Description Review/ Reclassification
  • Position Requisition approval 
  • Request for Salary/Increase approval
  • Salary classification review/approval
  • Additional Pay approval
  • Offer letters
  • Corrective action counseling

Patty Woosley: Sr. Payroll Specialist / / 219-980-6774

  • Any questions /adjustments to bi-weekly paid employee payroll
  • Kuali Time System user assistance/maintenance change of approvers/adding approvers/deleting approvers/creating work areas 
  • Provide assistance to employees in managing their timesheets as needed
  • Provide assistance to the employees for managing their direct deposit directions
  • Provide Pay Cards to employees for direct deposit upon their request
  • I-9 Verifications/Background Checks (temporary/bi-weekly staff)
  • Employment Verifications (temporary/bi-weekly staff)
  • Process all hire paperwork for temporary, workstudy and bi-weekly paid employees
  • Workers Comp administration/tracking  
  • FMLA administration (providing forms, approval and tracking time)
  • Policy interpretation
  • Assistance with forms to supervisors in finding the forms they need to request employee action e-docs

Crystal O’Brien: HR Assistant / / 219-980-6775

  • Posting, using, maintaining OLA (Online Application System)
  • Advertisement for staff positions (External)
  • Process Hire paperwork for professional staff
  • General HR forms- access to Supervisor forms
  • Faculty Job Posting
  • Issuing of university ID # (Professional)
  • Updating Find People (office number/campus address)
  • Employee Years Of Service Awards
  • Retirement Reception
  • I-9 Verifications/Background Checks (Professional Staff)
  • Employment Verifications (Professional Staff/ Faculty)
  • Staff List-serv
  • New-hire orientation
  • Web maintenance
  • Ad-hoc reporting

What’s New with IU Northwest Custodial Services

Beginning this Fall semester Physical Plant is introducing a new custodial services structure.  This new structure equips the campus with custodial coverage from 4 am to 1:30 am Mondays-Thursdays, and 4 am to 8:30 pm on Fridays.  We are also working to create a rotating schedule for weekend coverage to support events and activities across campus on Saturdays and Sundays. The plan is structured in a way that the three shifts overlap allowing us to provide better coverage of vacations and sick time, and be sure we are providing a consistent level of cleaning services across campus.

Our day shift includes 12 full time custodians scheduled to work 4 am-12:30 pm, Mondays-Fridays.  This team will focus the early morning cleaning from 4 am-8 am on Academic Areas, including classrooms, STCs, and medical/science research labs.  Other areas that will be cleaned before 8 am each morning include the third floor of the Library and the health/dental/genetics clinics at Dunes.  We will begin to clean academic offices after 8 am when we can be sure the priority areas have been completed with the level of service we all expect.  Between the hours of 8 am-12:30 pm, while cleaning offices, this staff will also be striving to maintain a healthy level of cleanliness in the restrooms of the following buildings: Library/Conference Center, Dunes, Hawthorn, Raintree, Marram, Savannah, Moraine and Arts on Grant.

Our PM shift includes 3 full time custodians scheduled to work 12 pm-8:30 pm, Mondays-Fridays.  This team will focus on cleaning office suites that are inaccessible outside of regular working hours, 8 am-5 pm.  These individuals are located in zones on campus so that they can respond to events or emergencies in their designated zones while also maintaining restrooms in Savannah, Moraine, Hawthorn, Library/Conference Center and Dunes.

Our night shift includes 6 full time custodians scheduled to work 5 pm-1:30 am, Sundays-Thursdays.  This team will continue to maintain restrooms in the Library, Marram, Raintree, Dunes, and Savannah at the start of their shift.  The later hours will be focused on cleaning Savannah as well as the 1st and 2nd floors of the Library/Conference Center.  We also have the circulation areas (hallways, lobbies, stairs) of Dunes, Marram and Raintree scheduled to be completed during this shift.

We are excited to kick off a new program in conjunction with the start of the Fall Semester and provide improved services across the campus.  We will be evaluating the progress of the program and our staff week to week through the Fall Semester.  Each employee will be held accountable for their areas and our Assistant Director and Team Leader will hold regular training sessions and staff meetings.  It is our goal to ensure the staff has the skills, equipment and supplies necessary to be successful.  Developing our staff and program to meet the needs of the campus is important for the success of this team.  For an updated list of tasks and frequencies, outlined by space categories, visit the Services – Frequency Schedule page on the website at  Please send all comments, questions and concerns to Melissa Zagorac, Assistant Director of Physical Plant, at or ext. 4294.

Etta Ashitey Retirement Farewell


Etta Etta


Welcome to IU Northwest!  Would you please share some background information about yourself?

I grew up on the east coast, earned a BS in Marketing and then relocated to the Midwest in 2008.  Since 2009, I was a member of the Campus Environment Division at Columbia College Chicago.  I served as the Director of Operations for the Facilities & Construction Department and managed the janitorial contract/services, the events services team, and the general maintenance team.  I also worked closely with contractors during construction projects and served as the campus liaison between contractors and faculty/staff/students.  As the Director of Operations, I was also responsible for tracking and allocating space and space ownership across the campus along with coordinating office relocations and other related services.

What interested you about the campus to lead you to apply for the assistant director position?

I really enjoyed my work at Columbia College, however, I always felt disconnected from the campus because I was not a Chicago resident.  I rode a train in to the city and out of the city daily.  Living in Northwest Indiana, I was excited to find an opportunity to work in my community.  When I visited for my interview, I was happy to learn that it was a smaller campus and therefore, much more manageable than what I was working with in the city.

What are some of your key responsibilities?

I am currently focused on analyzing and developing the custodial services program here at IU Northwest.  Since joining the University in early May, I’ve found a few areas of concern and identified a few ways to improve services immediately.  I think there is still a lot of work to do but I am confident we can become an efficient and successful operation. 

What do you like best about working at IU Northwest?

I really enjoyed getting to know the members of the custodial staff this summer.  They are a great group and I think they are as happy as I am to try new things and identify improvements for our team.  I’ve also met so many great people on the faculty and staff and I’m excited to get more involved.  I think IU Northwest is a great community and I’m happy to be a part of it.

Would you please describe some of the plans for your area of responsibility?  Are there any new initiatives or activities to present at this time?

I am primarily focused on enhancing the custodial services right now.  We have introduced a new structure of shifts.  This structure staffs the campus with multiple custodians from 4 am-1:30 am, Mondays-Thursdays, and 4 am-8:30 pm on Fridays.  I felt it was important we provided custodial support as much as possible while buildings are open and occupied.  We are also moving towards introducing a new set of core cleaning chemicals for the campus, several of which are Green Seal products.  They also arrive in concentrated form and we will dilute each into reusable Ready-to-Use containers.  This way we will be producing less trash and having a less harmful impact on the environment.

IU Northwest Police Department

National Night Out

This was the second year that the IUPD-NW participated in the City of Gary's National Night Out event. This years event was held in the Froebel Park located at 15th and Madison Street.
Police agencies in all 50 states hold National Night Out events on the first Tuesday of August every year. The National Night Out events focus on drug prevention, crime prevention, neighborhood watch programs, and community policing. During the 2014 event in Gary, members of the community enjoyed a night of fun with the police. There were K-9 demonstrations, safety tips, lots of food, various vendors, music, and games for the children.
IUPD-NW set up an information tent/table and passed out balloons and police stickers to all of the children that attended the event. IUPD-NW officers also spoke with many Gary citizens. The citizens were happy to know that the IUPD-NW is committed to partnering with the City of Gary and the Gary Police Department to promote crime prevention and engage the community on a regular basis.



Emergency Preparedness

Please review and consider bookmarking the Indiana University and I.U. Northwest emergency preparedness websites:

I.U. Northwest
Indiana University

Update Your IU Notify Contact Information: Please remember to update your contact information for IU-Notify through to stay informed in case of an emergency. Go to the "Notifications section of and then click "IU-Notify." You can also select to receive notices for other IU campuses, as well.

IU Northwest Police Department