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Welcome to Facilities Planning

Provides leadership and support for campus facilities planning, helping to guide development such that it gives physical form to IU Northwest’s mission and strategic plan. The facilities planning efforts shall be designed to:

  • Enhance effectiveness and efficiency
  • Identify potential improvements in facilities usage
  • Provide accurate space information
  • Facilities Committee

    The Facilities Planning Committee is a cross-representational group of University faculty and staff that was created to provide leadership and guidance on issues related to the physical environment. The Committee develops facility plans in alignment with the Strategic Planning Process.

    The Facilities Planning Committee is chaired by the Executive Director of Facilities and Operations. It meets approximately six times per year. Additional meetings that focus on specific issues will be scheduled as needed.

    2017-2018 Facilities Planning Members



    Bankston, Pat

    College of Health & Human Services

    Booker, Latrice


    Briggs, Jonathyne

    College of Arts & Sciences

    Carbajal, Eufemia 

    Facilities & Operations

    Diming, Mianta'

    Human Resources

    Dorin, William

    Faculty Org

    Greiner, Gary

    Facilities Services

    Kapocius, Andy

    Facilities & Operations

    Malone, Kathy

    Chancellor's Office

    Manteuffel, Kathyrn

    Environmental Heath & Safety

    Newman, Jo


    Novak, John

    Insitutional Effectiveness & Research

    O'Dell, Cynthia

    Academic Affairs

    Pigors, Aaron

    University Information Technology Services

    Sharma, Linda

    Special Events

    Thomas, James Carl

    School of Business

    Tyler, Beth

    Student Affairs & Enrollment Management

    Wood, Carol

    University Information Technology Services

    Zachocki, Peter

    Registrars Office

    Jevtic, Marko


  • Guidelines & Vision-Based Long Range Priorities for Facilities Planning Committee


    The Facilities Planning Committee is charged with developing a process and a
    plan that addresses the physical environment* and:

    • Supports facilities that are consistent with the academic and strategic direction, vision and mission of IU Northwest.
    • Considers achievement of annual operating needs.
    • Includes the capacity to react to unforeseen opportunities for improvement.

    *Physical environment is defined as buildings, land, landscape, parking, furniture,
    technology, utilities, entries, physical image, community plans and connectivity with the City of Gary.

    Identified at Strategic Planning Retreat, 11/04
    Revised December 17, 2010

    General Principles

    The Facilities Planning Committee will make facilities recommendations which:

    1. Promote and participate in the development of a campus master plan.

    2. Plan for campus expansion and reconfiguration in collaborative and cooperative ways with the neighboring community.

    3. Promote improvements and/or reconfiguration to sustain, maintain and improve campus facilities.

    4. Promote the unique identity of IU Northwest and are consistent with the campus student centered principles.

    5. Produce an inclusive environment conducive to learning and the pursuit of scholarship, discovery, creativity and service.

    6. Promote well-being through a safe and secure environment.

    7. Promote the real and perceived accessibility of the campus to the community we serve.

    8. Promote an aesthetically pleasing environment that is engaging to students, staff, administration, and the community at large.

    9. Are environmentally responsible and address sustainability issues to the extent feasible for the university.

    10. Support an appropriate balance of space for a wide range of activities.

    Identified at Strategic Planning Retreat, 11/04
    Revised February 2008
    Revised December 17, 2010

    Vision-Based Long-Range Facilities Required

    High Priority

    • Aesthetically significant facility to replace Tamarack Hall which houses
      • Discipline-specific student and faculty scholarship and applied excellence space.
      • Interdisciplinary and multidimensional activities and projects within our areas of excellence, cultural discovery and learning and sustainable regional vitality
      • Space for community outreach meetings and activities.
    • Create a campus master plan which includes
      • Removal of Lindenwood and Sycamore
      • Campus parking structure
      • Land acquisition
      • Campus gateways
      • Pedestrian friendly design
      • Assessment of the functionality of Raintree Hall and recommendations for future action
      • Recommendations to safeguard the campus against flooding
    • Interior and exterior signage that promotes a student friendly environment and includes way finder signs for easy navigation on campus.

    Medium Priority

    • Review the feasibility of student housing
    • Faculty/staff lounge that can be used for meals and conversations.
    • Small study group areas throughout the campus with wireless access as well as data ports.
    • Comfortable furniture for a diversity of sizes and shapes.

    Low Priority

    • Expand athletic facilities
    • Expand conference and special event facilities

    Revised December 17, 2010

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