Indiana University Northwest

ADA Accessibility

Disability Resources

For Information Contact

  • Ida Gillis , Director, Office of Affirmative Action and Employment Practices – Raintree 213 E – (219) 980-6705

Requests for ADA Accommodations

  • Faculty
    • David J. Malik , Executive Vice Chancellor, Academic Affairs — Library 107 — (219) 980-6966
  • Staff
    • Mianta' Diming, Interim Director of Human Resources — Marram 108 — (219) 980-6620
  • Students
    • Davetta Haywood , Disability Services Coordinator, Student Support Services — Hawthorn 237 — (219) 980-6942

Students who need to request wheel chair accessible desk or table for class must provide medical documentation that supports the request of having an accessible desk or table and indicate that this request is reasonable and appropriate.

  • Facilities

Planning a visit to IU Northwest Campus

If you plan a visit to IU Northwest campus and are unsure of accessibility please see our ADA Accessibility Map. You may also contact the University department prior to your visit for guidance.