Academic Success Advisors' Office


Academic Success Advising is a new resource available to all students on the IU Northwest campus.  IU Northwest’s Academic Success Advisors provide students with one-on-one support, success strategies, guidance through the college experience, and general information about campus resources and policies. Our aim is to help students become more proactive and successful in navigating the college experience. 

All students are encouraged to contact the Academic Success Advisors with any questions, problems, or concerns. To schedule an appointment, please contact either Cynthia Robles or Elizabeth LaDuke.
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Internal/On-campus Resources  

Academic Success Advisors are knowledgeable of IUN’s on-campus resources and will refer students to the following student services as needed:

Supplemental Instruction

Math Lab

Writing Center

Languages, Cultures and Listening Lab

Office of Career Services

Student Support Services

Financial Aid

Counseling Services

Health & Wellness Center

Upcoming Events  

ASA Workshops

Faculty panel/student Q & A

Career Services events

Writing Center workshops


In what situations should I contact an Academic Success Advisor?

If you have questions you’re struggling to get an answer to; if you are having any academic struggles; if you are simply interested in talking about success strategies; if you are having struggles outside of school which are negatively affecting your academic performance.

What do Academic Success Advisors do?

Academic Success Advisors are knowledgeable on the many resources available to students, and encourage students to take advantage of the various services offered at IU Northwest.  We sit with students one-on-one to assess their personal needs and obstacles, then offer advice and refer students to relevant services when appropriate.  We also offer success workshops, and refer students to other campus workshops or events that could be helpful.

Do Academic Success Advisors offer academic advising?

No. Academic Success Advisors do not take the place of your academic advisor.  If you are unsure of who your advisor is, or how you should go about contacting your advisor, Academic Success Advisors are happy to help facilitate an advising appointment.  Academic Success Advisors provide general, relevant information just as an academic advisor (such as your degree program requirements), but scheduling of classes must be done with your degree program’s official academic advisors.

Resources Section  
Elizabeth LaDuke

Elizabeth LaDuke

(219) 980-6837
Hawthorn Hall 448
Cynthia Robles

Cynthia Robles

(219) 980-6835
Hawthorn Hall 448