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Innovations in Curriculum and Student Success Summer Faculty Fellowship

Innovations in Curriculum and Student Success Summer Faculty Fellowship


To provide faculty with living costs so that they may devote an entire summer to developing new curricula components or courses, or projects that create, adapt, and disseminate new learning materials and teaching strategies that reflect advances both in our disciplines and in what is known about teaching and learning. 

Proposals should broadly address improvements using technology, assessment strategies, and/or new pedagogies.  Projects that integrate more than one area are encouraged.  Preference will be given to proposals that address:

  • Projects with a potential for publication in journals addressing the scholarship of teaching and learning
  • Models that can be applied across disciplines
  • Innovations that impact multiple sections of courses
  • Improvement of student retention
  • General Education goals

A.    Technology – Proposed projects will focus on the use of instructional technology to enhance teaching and improve student learning outcomes.  They should make a significant technological advance in instructional practices and student learning beyond the use of Oncourse.  Potential topic areas include:  high-tech classroom usage, distance learning, e-communities, e-advising, blogs, Wikis, student response systems, simulations, computer modeling, e-portfolios, and podcasts.

B.    Assessment – Assessment-related projects will focus on systems or procedures for formative and summative evaluation of learning and learning outcomes using qualitative and/or quantitative methods.  Potential topic areas include:  changing pedagogy to enhance outcomes, assessment schemes and rubrics, student participation in assessment procedures, and the impact and clarity of outcomes.

C.    Pedagogy – Teaching-related projects will focus on the implementation of classroom models and theories to enhance student engagement and learning outcomes.  Potential topic areas include:  writing across the curriculum, problem-based learning, peer-led learning, collaboration, critical thinking, creativity, learning styles, diversity in the classroom, lesson-study groups, learning communities, and other student engagement models.


Limited to tenure-track and tenured faculty.

Limit of Support

The award is for $11,000.00.

Filing Deadline

The Filing Deadline is in October. Please see Deadlines on Academic Affairs homepage for current dates. Please keep a copy of your application on file for personal use.


Summer (approximately three months).


All faculty members who receive an award must file a brief informative report with the Academic Affairs Office upon completion of their project (or fellowship). If the work is not completed by the end of the Fall semester following the receipt of the grant (or fellowship), a progress report must be submitted. A final report should be submitted when the project is completed. Failure to submit these reports will cause a faculty member to be ineligible for all categories of IU Northwest support for research and teaching development.

Letter of Support

Applicants are encouraged to include at least one outside letter of recommendation. Letters should be addressed to the Executive Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs.

Award Notice

A letter from the Executive Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs is sent in December.

Special Note

This project should be described in enough detail to adequately justify the requested fellowship. Care should be taken in filling out the application. The Grants and Research Development Committee is particularly concerned with the methodology of the research. The faculty member is advised to be thorough in preparing the application adding supplementary materials where considered relevant. Be specific and try to write with an educated lay reader in mind. Avoid language which tends to reflect a specialized discipline.

Form Route

An application for a Summer Faculty Fellowship should be sent to the department chairperson (where appropriate) and then to the division head for recommendation. From there it is sent to the Academic Affairs Office (original and three copies) where it is evaluated by the Grants and Research Development Committee. The Committee reserves the right to review, evaluate, and revise all grant requests originating on the IU Northwest campus. The grant application is then forwarded to the Academic Affairs Office with the Committee's recommendation.

Additional Grant Program Information

Contact the Office of Academic Affairs

Lindenwood 329

Phone: (219) 980-7220