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We are so pleased that you have joined our faculty at Indiana University Northwest!  We hope that you will enjoy teaching here and are looking forward to a successful school year.  If you are a veteran instructor, you know how exciting it is to meet your new students and begin classes. If you are a new instructor, have confidence that this is the beginning of a rewarding experience.  To help you make this transition successful, we have designed this website specifically with the needs of Associate/Adjunct Faculty in mind.

Please check the IU Northwest Homepage regularly.  That is where you will find up-to-date information about campus news and events.

Consider asking a department mentor if you may observe in one of his or her classes.  It can be very helpful to ask this mentor to observe one of your own teaching efforts as well.  It often sets a new instructor's mind at ease when a trusted mentor is able to advise him or her from direct experience, using concrete examples of what that instructor is actually doing in class.

We welcome you to your new position at Indiana University Northwest.  Please know that we want you to be successful.  Do not hesitate to contact the Office of Academic Affairs or the Associate Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Cynthia O'Dell at 219-980-7220 or if you have questions or concerns. 

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